DE International 2017

DEC International 2017 Terms, Tariffs and Conditions
PLACEMENT fee and Administration $300.00
AIRPORT transfer $140.00
SERVICE fee $120.00
RELOCATION fee $150.00
HOMESTAY fee weekly (including carer fee) $310.00
HOMESTAY share weekly (including care fee) $270.00
PARENT nominated homestay annual registration $290.00
ADDITIONAL parent nominated revisit $120.00
STUDY abroad incl. carer fee $285.00


Special Notes:

  • A relocation Fee refers to any change of homestay regardless of reason and payable by the student
  • Holiday Retainer is half of the regular homestay rate. It is calculated on a daily basis and is for a minimum of 1 week.
  • Late payment received less than 2 weeks prior to arrival will not have special requests considered, nor host family guaranteed. If it is not possible to find a host then all funds are refunded minus a service fee.
  • All hosts are located up to 60 minutes travelling time to the student’s learning institution
  • In order to commence work on your placement students must complete the application form and pay the full invoice amount 4-6 weeks prior to arrival.
  • Bank Draft, Telegraphic transfer (Add $15 bank charge), Visa, MasterCard, Bankcard (add 4.5%)
  • All meals are included (breakfast and lunch are self serve)
  • Fees are GST inclusive per person and are subject to change without notice.
  • Telephone / Mobile Phones hosts will not sign telephone or Internet contracts for 17- students
  • Unsolicited photos received, of host family member or premises taken without the host’s permission will be immediately destroyed.
  • All complaints must be addressed by referring to our conflict resolution policy available on request.


  • Placement / Administration & first 4 weeks homestay are non-refundable.
  • Airport transfer requested and paid for is non-refundable.
  • Where there is a changes of homestay, regardless of reason a relocation fee will always apply, payable by the student.
  • No airport transfer REFUND applies if student cannot locate the driver and makes their own way to the host. The student must call our emergency numbers NOT the host & follow our instructions. We will contact the driver and make sure that driver finds the student.
  • First 4 week’s homestay funds are not refundable after arrival. A relocation fee applies after first 4 weeks regardless of reason payable by student.
  • In future 17- students will not pay hosts personally all host payments will be made through our agency while the student is under 18years.
  • Pursuant contract between the host and the student (also referred to as the two week notice contract), either the host or the student must give at least two weeks’ notice on their intention to terminate the contract prior to the contract being terminated. This notice must be given in writing, and the terminating party must be able to confirm the notice has been received and acknowledged.
  • Auzzie Families will not be held liable for a breach of the two week notice contract by either the host or the student. The host and the student are to conduct themselves in good faith and with integrity with respect to all matters referred to and incidental to the two week notice contract.
  • Deferment less than 14 days prior to course commencement incurs 1 week host funds, Service & Relocation Fees.
  • Cancellation less than 14 days prior to course commencement incurs 2 weeks host funds, Service Fee & Placement Fee, Carer Setup Fees.
  • Cancellation / Deferment more than two weeks prior to arrival will incur a charge for Placement, Service Fee & Carer Setup Fees.
  • Cancellation due to visa refusal will incur a Service Fee. For refund evidence of visa refusal required in writing within the first 4 weeks.

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