1. The carer ensures that the student’s accommodation arrangement provides a caring and supportive environment.
  2. The carer assists student to open a bank account and may assist student with weekly budgeting if requested by the parent. The carer is not financially responsible for the student.
  3. The carer ensures that the student attends classes, that homework is completed and liases with school regarding progress.
  4. The carer contacts parent’s in any emergency and takes student to the doctor if required. The carer advises the parent if they have concerns about a student’s physical and emotional well being.
  5. The carer offers the student assistance in coping with everyday life in a new culture. An interpreter is used where necessary.
  6. The carer helps the student keep religious observance and attends to the student’s needs in areas such as shopping, recreation and personal counselling.
  7. The carer contacts both student and host family weekly to ensure that everyone is content.
  8. Once a month the carer takes his ward out. The friendship that develops ensures that trust grows between carer and ward.
  9. The carer provides a gift and cake on birthdays and flowers for the girls.
  10. The carer meets student’s families when they visit Australia.

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