Our Mission

auzzie families mission

Personal Satisfaction and Business Success for all is our Greatest Reward.

AUZZIE FAMILIES Homestay Care provides a special Liaison Service that results in a harmonious union for client and homestay host. We are at all times mindful of the importance of a working relationship between agent, educational provider, client and the host family.

Our Ethics

To assume at all times that information we receive is private and for use in this business only. That any personal information we receive regarding problems or family life will be treated as confidential and only shared with the permission of the person who gives the information. Staff is directed by management to use set procedures when resolving concerns.

Homestay involves the union of different races, cultures and religions and the necessary information is provided to clients and families in order to promote mutual respect. Staff is well versed in the cultural differences and therefore able to mediate effectively.

Honesty and Confidentiality
All information received by us will be passed on to interested parties immediately. Our system of accounting and administration provides a transparency where individual transactions are quickly traced. Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

We do not engage in gossip and behave honourably in all situations.

All work will be carried out in a polite and dignified manner. Our staff act with integrity and clarity.

All homestay hosts have been visited personally by staff and assessed regarding their appropriateness for providing homestay. Our main concerns being the physical care, emotional safety and general well being of our client. Families willing to care for clients under 18 have signed approval for screening and are screened by the Department of Education and Training.

All clients are placed in families located close to transport, from thirty to fifty minutes of  travelling time to their place of learning.
We have a 24-hour personal contact number for emergencies. Phone 61 2 9804 4700 during office hours (9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday) or after hours 0419 628 168 (local). If you are calling from overseas the number is +61 2 419 628 168.

We are aware of the importance of efficiency and have an administration system in place that allows us to access extensive information easily so that all inquiries are dealt with promptly.


Cancellation Policy
Placement fee is non-refundable.
Airport Pickup fee will be refundable if request is made 24 hours prior to arrival.
Homestay payment is fully refundable if cancellation is more than two weeks prior to arrival. If cancellation is less than two weeks prior to arrival then 2 weeks homestay monies will be retained as compensation for the host family.

Goodwill Policies
Placement Fee will be refunded in full to student when compassionate grounds, illness, or inability to obtain visa precludes student from coming to Australia. Placement Fee will be refunded in full to client when loss of good will with agent or client is at stake.


The contract in homestay is two weeks notice for both parties. If the contract is broken then two weeks money must be paid by the party who terminates the contract. This may be waivered in extenuating circumstances and will be decided by the Director of AUZZIE FAMILIES Homestay Care.


Whilst AUZZIE FAMILIES Homestay Care makes every effort to select honest and bona fide host families, they cannot be held responsible for any undesirable or negligent actions by the host family.

Homestay hosts are advised
To ensure that their contents policy is inclusive of incidents caused by boarders.
To ensure that hosts Home Buildings Insurance Policy includes Public Liability.

  • All damages are the responsibility of the client.
  • All telephone calls are payable by the client.

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